Monday, 21 November 2011

Friday 18th November review

Last Friday saw Jamie 3:26 make the trip over from the USA to London for the first time - and I hope not the last time!  Meeting people in The Griffin - nice little pub round the back of Great Eastern street with a cheeky little room upstairs.  We popped up where an older guy was DJing - playing some great disco - Slyvester, Salsoul Orchestra etc.  After introducing himself as Terry, Terry Farley (to which I nearly fainted) I gabbled a bit of small talk then ran away...

Jamie's event - Spacemachine was actually in Stoke Newington, a nice place but not one I would have thought of for something like this - and a little way out of the centre.  I was genuinely surprised however at the venue - really nice little place with a cool basement with nooks and cranies.  Both Johnny Hillier and Jamie played great sets with the venue closing a little early at 3.30am.

Thanks to Steve Reed for a lift back into town where I got to CAMP - there was still a queue outside at 4am or so to get into Silence - always a good sign!  Zip had just started when I got in at 4.15am and was pumping out the proper house, something I haven't heard in a while.  Great night but after getting up 24 hours earlier and a day of work I lost the battle against tiredness!

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