Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Bad set...

Recently I played a bad set and didn't take advantage of an opportunity which really irritated me afterwards - and I'm not above admitting it happened - clearly as I'm stating it here!  I was trying to be too clever and fit too much in when I should have been playing what I love - house.  Not sure what got me onto the whole mixed genres thing - I do think that any decent DJ worth their salt should be able to play the right song at the right time whatever the genre but recently this has been going overboard...

I think its started with disco edits - not necessarily 4x4 time either, but liking the tune and thinking how can I get this into a set - then it went wider, now I'm regretting that!  I'm one to learn from mistakes rather than keep them hanging around so my listening material this week has been focussed on the housier side of things and this will be reflected in my mixes!

1 comment:

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