Thursday, 27 October 2011

DJs Alter egos

Nope, not the German duo...  There are a shameful lack of DJs out there that are truly diverse, either reluctant to play what they really like because they've become known for a sound or they've got the blinkers on to the rest of the music world.

Thats a bold statement but I reckon its true, I can only think of Damian Lazarus with his legendary Lazpod series playing everything under the sun, Fourtet who is well known for mixing up his production and DJing styles and the Andrew Weatherall/Ivan Smagghe lot.  There are so many more out there that must be influenced by older music but just don't show it through their sets, with centuries of music out there to play it is fustrating to hear DJs only play tracks that were released last week despite being mediocre! Arrrrgh!

Another fustration comes out of mix cds, an obvious example is the Fabric line - these are really the pinicle of dance music, being asked to join a very limited group of people, being considered good enough to join the group should be enough cause to sit down and consider the mix VERY carefully... And yet there are some extremely disappointing cds in the series - mostly from the DJs who have only used recent music, to me they've pissed a massive opportunity up the wall.  Now i'm not ask them to play the entire Atlantic records back catalogue, but at least consider where you have come from and what has influenced you.  This applies to all DJs playing dnb, house, techno, hip hop whatever....

I'd like to see more surprising sets from DJs - hell, stop the music and play the Only Fools And Horses theme tune if you want, anything to make me stop in my tracks and think WTF!!!  Maybe not that far... But I can probably link it to risk takers, all these DJs are probably in the cautious brackets when they put money into investments, its probably why I haven't got any gigs coming up (and I'm lazy)...

Heres the link to the Lazpod and if anyone has any more recommendations post them here!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

ADE 2011 review

Hi all, its been a while since the last post!  Just got back from Amsterdam for ADE so here is a little report while I remember...


Up at 6am and down to Dover with Roberto from Kai Zen (, then over to Amsterdam, the drive wasn't bad at all and the music was full blast all the way!  There weren't too many complaints from him when Blondie came on so I reckon hes been hiding a secret passion... Anyway...

Arrived at the hostel - the St Christophers on Warmostraat, well recommended and off to Outland to meet Jerome Krom, Dave Johnnys, Chris Page and Jamie Anderson of Artform records.  After a good pizza at Jerome's place - thanks to him!  I headed to Toko MC - note to self and anyone else, take a map, I walked for ages until I found it.  The Objectivity Vs. Theo Parrish night was superb, I stayed mostly in the 2nd room for Theo, Juju & Jordash, Tom Trago, Awanto 3 and Kyle Hall.  Tom and Awanto playing as Alfabet was awesome, no kick drums for the first 5 minutes meant there was something special coming up and it didn't support, harder and faster than Tom's regular stuff it was genuinely surprising and refreshing stuff.  Theo followed the live set and after a minute's silence the hip hop started, his whole set was based around presenting the music in a unique way, there was not much mixing going on but that suited the vibe... Excellent all round!

Trouble with a lock meant I couldn't get any fresh clothes at 6am so instead of going to Secretsundaze sleep was in  order!  Got up to watch the rugby with the NZers so supported France.  After discovering there was no reentry to Ostgut Ton at Toko MC the money went on beer instead which lead back to the Artform Records party at The Sun, a superb way to start the night with quality music coming from Roberto, Jamie Anderson, Jerome Krom and Will Long.  Then it was onto Trouw for the Visionquest closing with Ben Gomori, walking into Trouw is a real experience, having never been I was extremely impressed, the size was something to behold!  Unfortunately Seth's set didn't really match the impressiveness of the venue - it was a bit bland and generic.  Fortuntely though I discovered Tom Trago playing downstairs and again the sleazy acid really made my night!  We tried to get into Ostgut later on but weren't allowed in which was annoying...

The conference only runs from Weds to Sat but having an extra night in the city couldn't be wasted, so after a few drinks it was onto Supperclub for some guys that were playing soulful and funky house.  It was a good relaxing way to end a hectic weekend with a lie down on one of the beds...

Overall a superb weekend and very easy to get to, superb clubs and nights on and excellent options for places to stay meant that we will definitely be going back next year...

Mentions for:

Chris Page
Dave Johnnys
Jerome Krom
Jamie Anderson
Will Long
The guy from Manchester
Ben Gomori
Eli from Soul Clap
Tom Trago for the music
Mark Kitchell + gf
Olivier 'Ghini-b' Palazzoli
Roy Davis Jr
Toby and Claire