Wednesday, 16 November 2011

CD review #4

Brodinski's mix came through the post the other day and landed upside down... Then it started bouncing around on its own all over the room, or it would have done if it could, this mix has bags of life in it.  Clearly influenced by the recent hipster trend but with a personal touch on it this mix is top notch.

Maybe its something I've been unknowingly craving for a while - something to come and slap me round the face, and I don't mean a hand.  Recently I think I've fallen into the lethargic trap and its showing in my mixes - I've got Brodinski to thank for waking me up.  An artistic person might compare this mix with a steam train - starting off slower huffing and puffing its way to get to a steady rhythm then picking up speak and finally becoming an unstoppable force... But I'd say it got me interested at first and then by 1/2 way through I was hooked and couldn't stop listening, this from someone that I thought played electro - I might start going on a Friday again if they're turning out people like this...

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