Thursday, 8 September 2011


Hi all, apologies I haven't written anything in a while, its been a busy few weeks recently!

I want to talk about afterparties, I was in Amsterdam recently and attended this event:

It was a superb event (the pub crawl wasn't good beforehand but thats another story!), it took us a while to find the venue as we kept on walking past it, Elliot played some great tracks, and I even forgave him for an edit of 'Needin' you'.

The event finished at 5am and there was an afterparty afterwards going on until 11am or so at Cue Bar - after more walking around we finally found this place and preceeded to queue up outside to try and get in.  This was probably the most entertaining part of the night -not the music - but actually trying to get in to the venue, it was actually FUN!  What I'm getting at is that the afterparty scene seems to be almost too easy to find in London - with venues and parties such as The Egg and Cable hosting Jaded advertising on RA and places like that.  You queue up, pay your money and you get in, when you're in it just feels like another party - it could be anytime... I miss the challenge of actually finding and having to work to get into venues - this makes the party much more special to me knowing there are people outside still trying to get in, envying you!  

So back to the Amsterdam one, we both still had our Studio 80 bands on and were hauled off to one side of the door and told to wait there whilst some people, probably locals/friends of the bouncer went straight in.  It was quite gratifying to see a much longer queue on the other side of the door who didn't have bands on but were holding notes waving them at the bouncer like he was a stripper.  After 10 minutes of patient waiting he gave us 'the nod' and we were let in.  The wall of heat and sweat in that dark room impervious to the growing sunlight outside felt all the more special...