Saturday, 26 November 2011

Shuffle podcast

I've started a new podcast over on my Mixcloud site called 'Shuffle', celebrating a little blue button on the most widely used audio software ever made.  It has transformed the way people listen to music - retrieving memories through dragging up random tracks from the past.

The Shuffle podcast will go through my own library and others' and put together 20 tracks that people may have forgotten, never heard before, hate, love, throw out the window... etc...  I hope that people are introduced to music and it has heads turning in surprise!

Week 1:

Bocca Grande - Adlibitum

Only discovered these two guys from Japan recently through their 'Procedere' track that has a remix by Morgan Geist - they're currently preparing an album which will no doubt be piano laden but a real smooth listen...

Jazzanova - Behold these days (Berlin '74)

I always look for Jazzanova when I want to hear something different - and they really are - downtempo, broken beat, hip hop, straddling the lower bpms with style.  Having Danny Krivit mix one of their tracks however means they are no small time!

Kurtis Blow - If I ruled the world (original mix)

Always been interested in the electro movement that grew into hip hop later... can you ever see a modern rapper rhyming for 7 minutes however???

R. Dean Taylor - Theres a ghost in my house

The definitive northern soul sound - I remember reading that people were desperate to get their hands on this, they were even flying over to the USA to find it... Then someone found a copy in a newspaper in a petrol station  - it had been under their noses all the time...

The Real Weald Tuesday - Still terminally ambivalent over you

Heard this on a Mud podcast, a group from Leicester promoting underground art, music and dancing which makes a real difference to those into real music in the city.

Gilles Peterson - La revolucion del Cuerpo (Auntie Flo remix)

A nice free present from the Huntley & Palmer's guys...

New Order - 586

Not sure why I bought this, sounds great though and real difference from hearing Blue Monday again!

Stone Poneys - Different drum

Yes alright its this one!  The one from the advert with the angels in it - the vocal stood out to me so went to find out what it was...

Fourtet & Rothko - Rivers become oceans

One of my friends recently described Fourtet's Fabric mix as 'Ricardo Villalobos playing garage', a recent discovery for me shamefully I'll be buying some more albums to find out more...

Wiley - Cash in my pocket

Cheesy... Haha - I really like this, energetic and the video is great!

Tiga - Far from here (Bascombe radio edit)

Nice catchy song this...

Sia - Where I belong

Used to get all my music from HMV - they used to do free cds with a purchase - bit like a promo cd with lots of genres on it - this was a great introduction to other artists such as Sia...

Lindstrom - Little drummer boy (Short edit)

Saw this come up and I thought OH NO!!!  Then saw it was the short edit and breathed a sigh of relief - I didn't want to sit through 42 minutes of little drummer boy this far from Xmas...

The Jam - Going underground

Great song, got it off one of those free cds that the newspapers give away at the weekends...

David K - Somewhere in my head (Original mix)

One of my newest house buys, eerie vocal which I'm a sucker for...

Blehorkestar Bakija Bakic - Fizheuer zieheuer (T2 Edit)

No idea how to pronounce this at all but I like it!  Quirky with an edit done by the mighty Todd Terje.

Brian Eno & David Byrne - Jezabel spirit

Pulled this out of the charts in the back of the book - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

El_Txef_A - Rolling edit

Young Spanish guy making waves in the house world - keep an eye on him...

Kenneth Bager - Fragment 7 Les Fleurs (Album dub)

No idea where I got this from but its random as!

MGMT - Weekend wars

One of my favourite bands - love the whole album...

Monday, 21 November 2011

Friday 18th November review

Last Friday saw Jamie 3:26 make the trip over from the USA to London for the first time - and I hope not the last time!  Meeting people in The Griffin - nice little pub round the back of Great Eastern street with a cheeky little room upstairs.  We popped up where an older guy was DJing - playing some great disco - Slyvester, Salsoul Orchestra etc.  After introducing himself as Terry, Terry Farley (to which I nearly fainted) I gabbled a bit of small talk then ran away...

Jamie's event - Spacemachine was actually in Stoke Newington, a nice place but not one I would have thought of for something like this - and a little way out of the centre.  I was genuinely surprised however at the venue - really nice little place with a cool basement with nooks and cranies.  Both Johnny Hillier and Jamie played great sets with the venue closing a little early at 3.30am.

Thanks to Steve Reed for a lift back into town where I got to CAMP - there was still a queue outside at 4am or so to get into Silence - always a good sign!  Zip had just started when I got in at 4.15am and was pumping out the proper house, something I haven't heard in a while.  Great night but after getting up 24 hours earlier and a day of work I lost the battle against tiredness!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Bad set...

Recently I played a bad set and didn't take advantage of an opportunity which really irritated me afterwards - and I'm not above admitting it happened - clearly as I'm stating it here!  I was trying to be too clever and fit too much in when I should have been playing what I love - house.  Not sure what got me onto the whole mixed genres thing - I do think that any decent DJ worth their salt should be able to play the right song at the right time whatever the genre but recently this has been going overboard...

I think its started with disco edits - not necessarily 4x4 time either, but liking the tune and thinking how can I get this into a set - then it went wider, now I'm regretting that!  I'm one to learn from mistakes rather than keep them hanging around so my listening material this week has been focussed on the housier side of things and this will be reflected in my mixes!

CD review #4

Brodinski's mix came through the post the other day and landed upside down... Then it started bouncing around on its own all over the room, or it would have done if it could, this mix has bags of life in it.  Clearly influenced by the recent hipster trend but with a personal touch on it this mix is top notch.

Maybe its something I've been unknowingly craving for a while - something to come and slap me round the face, and I don't mean a hand.  Recently I think I've fallen into the lethargic trap and its showing in my mixes - I've got Brodinski to thank for waking me up.  An artistic person might compare this mix with a steam train - starting off slower huffing and puffing its way to get to a steady rhythm then picking up speak and finally becoming an unstoppable force... But I'd say it got me interested at first and then by 1/2 way through I was hooked and couldn't stop listening, this from someone that I thought played electro - I might start going on a Friday again if they're turning out people like this...

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Jamie 3:26 in London for the first time this Friday!

For the first time ever the mighty Jamie 3:26 from Chicago is playing in the UK this Friday at The Baby Bathhouse in London, this promises to be a great event with a guarantee that Jamie will bring the heat!

See you there!

Monday, 7 November 2011

New mix - The House Set

Didn't feel I played a great set last night at the Horse and Groom so made this to reassure myself!

Player at the top of the page!

Owusu & Hannibal - Delerium (Morgan Geist remix)
Brandt Bauer Frick - Teufelsteifer
Mosca - The way we were
I:Cube - Tokoyo undo
Metamatics - Blue water
The Francis Inferno Orchestra - I need it (Nicolas Basement remix)
The Main Stem - Bomma jack-it
Mark Farina - Dream machine
The Francis Inferno Orchestra - I said yes sir
Juan Atkins & Model 500 - The flow
Tom Trago - Use me
The Holy Ghost - Hold my breath (Tiger & Woods remix)
Soundstream - Makin love
Losoul - Ooooooooo
Global Communication - The way
Ce Ce Rogers - Someday (DJ Pope remix)
Fourtet - Sing
MJ Cole - Sincere (Jazzanova's Sincerely yours remix)
Christian Promner's Drum Lesson - Das leben ist herrlich
Los Updates - Getting late (Luciano remix)
Counterplan - 90 Degrees (DJ Q mix)
Ian Pooley - The fly shuffle (Dub)
Kenny Hawkes - Play the game (Phil Weeks remix)

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Sunday 6/11/11

I'll be playing here on Sunday:

Horse & Groom in Shoreditch
Free entry
Open from 7pm - 3am

I'm playing from 9.15 - 10.30pm

Hope to see people down there!