Thursday, 23 June 2011

House Logger Music Review #1

Roberto - Logical Procession

Steve Rachmad Remix
Jamie Anderson Mix
Jerome Krom Remix
Steve Rachmad Triple Dub
Steve Rachmad Dub

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First review from me... Roberto has seen a rapid rise to the top of the tech house/techno game with several high profile releases on Outland, Affin and Artform records.  His back catalogue shows depth, with a history of producing drum and bass giving an extra dimension to the acoustic arsenal that emerges from his studio.

Artform, Jamie Anderson's label is the home for Logical Procession and these remixes have been commissioned for the title track of the EP released late last year.  The original being an industrial sized monster that worked well on large floors around the world.

First up is Steve Rachmad's remix, a throbbing and wobbling chugger that ramps up in stages heightening the tension adding elements before releasing the full force.  Steve has also added two further tracks - two dubs to the release, which does seem a bit excessive, the 'Dub' feels like an after hours tune, a drawn out version of the remix with shimmering effects added in past the 7 minute mark.  The 'Triple dub' is a different entity - a more progressive track with stabbing bleeps featuring throughout and an underlying rumble of bass.

Jerome Krom is up next with his remix, using the rolling beats and rhythms to best effect he creates a track that bounces with energy but possibly suffers from ill timed breaks of percussion, a good effort nonetheless.  Last but not least is label boss Jamie Anderson with clearly the most different track and my favourite of the 5, lush chords feature from the start swaying in the background giving the track a deeper and more restrained feel, soon though the calmness disappears and a complex, almost ethnic drum pattern emerges.  Softer edged pads feature throughout giving this remix package a well rewarded dimension that it needed.

Jamie's mix is the one i'll be playing out of the package regularly, credit goes to Roberto for creating the original from which these remixes have arisen.  A neat and tidy package that will no doubt find their way into the hands, cd players and laptops of many of the world's best DJs.

Overall - 8/10

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