Sunday, 5 June 2011

Adding a new dimenson to music

I saw this video on Wired's website the other day:

This cool preview of Amon Tobin's live show 'ISAM' just makes me want to go and buy tickets now, the customised visual show that accompanies the music looks stunning, note I didn't say light show, but visuals, I believe the two are different.

I must admit I have never found the visual aspect of house/dance to be massively important, maybe I just haven't had the right experience.  Certainly the light show last weekend at SWH was impressive, but it felt just like a larger version of a nightclub's capabilities.  Apart from the odd bizarre film playing on a tv screen or a rotating random image playing on a projector I have seen nothing inspiring.

However, seeing that video and whats capable from visual shows I am willing to open my mind to another dimension of music - after all - who said music has to be purely audio?  Can it not be represented and felt by the other senses we have?  Touch and visual have the potential to revolutionise how music is presented to an audience.  A vibrating room creating an earthquake feeling as the build up shakes towards the drop and bass hammering in would be impressive (and not a little scary!).

I know visuals have been used on bigger shows by people like The Chemical Brothers, Ritchie Hawtin and Fatboy Slim but I'd like to see more live sets put in the thought and maximise how music is played....

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