Monday, 27 June 2011

CD review #3

Another Fabric CD - they are really the only mixes I buy, maybe I should start reviewing online mixes??


So the Fabric CD series seems to have come a full circle from number 1 with Craig's mix numbering 58.  Hes done a couple of collaboration mixes along the way - as Tyrant, but this is him on his own championing his periodical Nothing Special night.  The night features lesser known guests that push the boundaries of what Fabric stands for on Saturday nights, often featuring the housier end of dubstep.

I must admit when I started going to Fabric I wasn't keen on Craig's DJing style, it was long, drawn out, with what seemed like minimal energy (no pun intended!), my turning point was seeing him close out a night which really showed me my earlier mistake!  That set changed my mind, encompassing a wide range of energy filled house, techno and disco... So it was with anticipation I was waiting for this mix rather than trepidation.

Unfortunately I have a feeling there may be a few puns in reviews involving the name of the mix... Its good.... But its not that good...  It really didn't grab me at all as a spectacular mix.  Sure there are some great tracks - 3 or 4 of them out of 20... Its not what I hoped it would be and thats the most disappointing thing.  The most positive thing I can say is that I am glad that finally someone has put a commercial mix together that makes use of older tracks as well.  For that I applaud Richards, its a shame the mix itself isn't what it could have been....


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