Friday, 6 May 2011

The wonder of house...

I've been thinking about house music pretty much non-stop for around 8/9 years - ever since I picked up my first Defected compilation actually and its amazing what this music has achieved in just 30 years.

First of all its still going strong - that in itself is a testiment - many genres have fallen along the way out of popularity but house seems to be growing if anything which is great.

Secondly it has pretty much expanded the festival scene around the world - yes yes theres Glastonbury, Leeds and Reading for the guitar fans but there are countless more dance music festivals.

Thirdly - how many other types of music pretty much take over entire islands and cities during the summer?  You know where I'm talking about...

Fourthly - how many other types of music have been totally embraced around the world from Australia to Fiji to Norway?

Fifthly - how many other types of music have large scale conferences to actively talk about the state of the scene and to discuss where it goes in the future?

Sixthly - what is the type of music that all the so called ex-hip hoppers are producing now?

Sure there may be a crash coming soon when indie comes back but house music has stamped its legacy around the world.

So why is it so popular?  Well I can only give my personal feelings - I think it is because it is fun - it doesn't pretend to be anything but itself, theres no pretentious feelings, no self pity, no depression, (almost) no violence and theres a genre to suit most people...  House music exists for it to have a great time and so it does...  LONG MAY THAT CONTINUE!


  1. House is the soul of music. The reason it needs to come back now is that dance music has lost its connection with soul during the last 10-15 years and it's what we all need.

    African-Americans invented House from disco, rare groove, and jazz-funk and we can trace its decline to the abandonment of House by African-American producers for hip-hop etc. House (and its sibling, techno) NEED the Afro element. White folks just don't have the soul. If you don't believe me, just compare some deep early 90s House or the Detroit masters with Berlin techno or tech-house...see what I mean?

    So, when our African brothers and sisters embrace the dance floor once more, as they are beginning to do now, we will get back to the heart of House; and everyone will groove better.

  2. I can sense a lot of pride from that message - there is no doubt that house fans owe the USA and the African American community a huge debt for creating the music we love. But like most successful things they will change and evolve - this is a sign of popularity and should be welcomed imo. There is no need to lose the history or recognition that the fathers of house deserve, but I fully support more and different people getting involved...

    Why do you say 'decline'? What do you mean?