Sunday, 8 May 2011

Event Review #1 - Kaleidoscope with Adam Freeland & Todd Terje

I'd been wanting to see TT for quite a while now, after hammering his edits and tracks in my mixes I was pretty excited, added to that was visiting a new club - The Nest in Dalston, and seeing Adam Freeland for the first time AND getting in for free... Well that was just a recipe for greatness!

After driving through the middle of London with a drunken pair in the back of the car we made it after dumping the car in a side street and entered just before 10pm.  That was our first mistake - after seeing the drinks prices I worked out it would have been cheaper to go to a local pub for some drinks then heading to the venue later and taking the £5 hit on the door...  Oh well live and learn!  At least we'd be seeing a long set from Adam Freeland right?

Well... No...  After seeing the flyer - above and reading this on the Nest's blog:

"AF: The Nest has a cosy vibe and great sound, I set up Kaleidoscope there so I could play exactly what I wanted and book people I want to be playing with, I start really deep and mellow and self-indulgent with Ambient , Manuel Göttsching or David Sylvian kind of vibes and build it layer by layer from there.  What’s your dream gig line up or scenario?
TT: I´ve always fantasized about playing music under water. I don´t know why… Don´t you think Message From The Shaman by David Sylvian would sound amazing carried to your ears by waterwaves? I also really enjoy playing daytime sets when there´s no connection to a dance floor. People accept much more “music” then, but as soon as one drunk punter starts to move slightly, everyone suddenly thinks your beardy pseudofreudo folk rock selection sounds weird…"

I was under the impression that Freeland was playing all night with TT joining him for a guest slot later on - I was wrong, we got in at 10pm and had to endure an hour of complete monotony from somebody before AF came on at 11pm.  After what looked like a few technical problems and a bizarre move of actually turning the sound down (it wasn't that loud to start with) he started with a lovely few minutes of electronica goodness.  By this time the place was still relatively empty and I genuinely thought he was preaching to the wrong crowd because they didn't seem to get it.  Things progressed into beats and bass though and the set started to evolve into tracks I recognised (but can't actually remember the names of  - am terrible at that).

By 12.30 the room was packed after a surge in attendance and the crowd was moving well.  I liked the fact it was busy but you could still get a drink after minutes, the place was pretty cool as well with kitsch features hidden in alcoves around the room.  TT came on at 1am and started a lot harder than I had expected from him - playing 'Bonysh' and some heavily influenced Scandinavian tracks. 

Overall a good night in a great little venue - some of the posters of the wall showed some really great nights coming up that look very appealing...  Next time though i'd prefer to see AF play all night long!

Venue: 8/10 (could have been louder)
Music: 7.5/10
Crowd: 8/10 - met some very friendly people

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