Friday, 27 May 2011

Wheres the energy gone?

I'm going to start with the obvious answer - i've been looking in the wrong place...  But when I go shopping on Beatport or some other site I ALWAYS listen to a variety of artists and labels across the genres of house/indie disco (never liked that term on BP).  I'm struggling to find anything now, new music wise, that is willing to pick me up, give me a flew slaps around the face and then scream at me...

I think there may be a couple of reasons for this - first the revivalism of classic house that to me always had quite soft beats and a deeper sound.  Acid aside it was actually quite slow as well - although that should be no obstacle to energy.

Secondly the rise of ket and minimalism over the last few years has lead to people wandering around the dancefloor in a trance willing to raise their hands at the first chance of a swooshing sound.

Thirdly, the come back of disco samples responsible by Soul Clap, Jamie Jones - and Hot Creations etc, seems to have led to the peak time DJ playing, what would have been a few years ago, fairly deep and early time house.  I mean give the warm up guys a chance!  If the peak time guys are playing that deep the warm up guys will have to start playing pitched down Minus records where nothing of any note happens at all...

To get the energy that I'm looking for I've had to go to my itunes and start playing my Defected singles, Soma tracks and (older) Buzzin Fly tracks.  I've resisted the urge to go back to the Hed Kandi, but thoughts keep on straying there!

Speaking of Defected, does anyone else agree that we seem to be heading down the 'proper' funky house route again?  I'm expecting to see the glitter balls being broken out anytime soon...  AND they'll be calling it new!!!

Someone please produce something with energy, or suggest things to me...!

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