Monday, 26 March 2012


Producing... Its something I don’t do, maybe i’m not creative enough, maybe I haven’t got the patience (definitely that), whatever it is, you can’t escape the fact that it is a good way of getting ahead of the game and can catapult a career if the work goes into it. 

I have seen several debates recently on the need to produce to promote a DJ career – why should this be?  Granted the promotion is easier – more record labels after ones name is a bonus, but I defy anyone to say that has anything to do with their DJing ability.  Several high profile producers have found out the hard way that producing and DJing are two entirely different things – knowing how sound works does not mean that they know how DJ sets are programmed!

This is by no means an attack on producers who also DJ – there are many out there who can string a set together, however they have a talent – why would they not want to show it through live sets?  There are some seriously diverse artists out there who can cover several genres and hours with their material without even thinking about it.  This is what I want to hear when I see someone who is well known for their producing skills on a bill – not 2 hours of music that anyone could string together!

So full respect to those who do produce – and make the most out of it, and also to those that don’t – and make the most out of it, I’m not feeling any pressure to get into it, and the world is probably better off without any crap I’d make anyway!

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