Monday, 23 April 2012

On the road again...

This article on Seth Troxler got me thinking - its a great article sure, but one that could be representative of just about any working DJ in the 'Premiership', Sasha must have been going through this kind of life for years.

It certainly makes me appreciate playing irregular gigs - making them special occasions to me, I can treat each one individually.  Playing every night and several places even on some nights I can see the temptation to repeat sets and mixes that work, fortunately, thanks to the plethora of dance music out there this rarely needs to happen.

I've always said I'd be unsure about turning DJing into a job if I ever had the chance (highly unlikely!), as much as I love doing it, the loneliness of the travelling, the brief interludes of highs then back to the grind again does not appeal that much - that said I'd certainly like to try it for a month!  Perhaps I could do project management as a hobby...

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