Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Full circle

I feel like I am going to go a full circle when I relate to my first article on here - visiting clubs outside of London, I remember saying that the feeling of seeing a world class DJ in somewhere other than London is pretty good - special even...

Now I can appreciate it from the other side, I have been fortunate to live near to London for a while and hence my last few gigs have been in the centre, to be honest they were ok, nothing special, just ok.  I was lucky enough to be invited up to Leicester to play for Collo's night Seed at Sophbeck Sessions, regular readers will recognise the name, it is without doubt the best place in the city to go for a proper underground night.  As a consequence, I made sure that I enjoyed this night the best I could.  From the moment I stepped up to the booth - before anyone was there I might add I could tell that something was going to happen...

Well it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable gigs I've ever played, from Ibiza to London I've always felt I've been playing for other people, a subconscious pressure to play to the crowd, for some reason the venue (and maybe the alcohol) just made me say feck it, I'm playing what I want... And people seemed to enjoy it!

Maybe all that expressionism bollocks about feeling the music was right after all...

Big ups to Collo and Sameed for playing great sets and having me down...  The mix is at the top of the page and the tracklist is here:

Gene Chandler - Does she have a friend for me?
Gil Scott Heron - The revolution will not be televised
Soulstice - The reason (DJ Spinna remix)
Morgan Geist - Skyblue pink
Tina Turner - I can't stand the rain (Rayko edit)
Kenneth Bager - Fragment Eleven - The day after yesterday pt.1
Aaliyah - Rock the boat (Collo 103 edit)
Chuck Norris - All that she wants
Gil Scott Heron - Angola Louisiana (Alkalino edit)
Fourtet - As serious as your life
Duff Disco - Just in time
Prinzhorn Dance School - You are the space invader
The Rolling Stones - Miss you
Soul Clap - Michael went to hell
Charlie Winston - In your hands
Ark - Old chariot
MCDE - Raw cuts #6
Mike Dunn - Freaky MF (Original mix)
Redshape - Unfinished symmetry - Part 1 & 2
Stacey Kidd - Freaky MF (Female mix)
SECT - Thieve skrilla
The Fab Four - Last night a DJ blew my mind
Todd Terje - Inspector Norse
Detroit Grand Pubahs - Sandwiches (Alkalino edit)
Alex Dimitri South Soul - Heaven (Alex Dimitri Soul Mix remix)
Todd Terje - Bodies (Prins Thomas Orgasmatron)
Daniel Wang - Not feeling it
Kerri Chandler - Halleujah
Marcus Nikolai - Bushes
Stimming - Radar
Deetron - Starblazer
TWR72 - Paradox
Dr Kucho! - Patricia never leaves the house (Dr. Kucho! remix)

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