Sunday, 8 January 2012

New feature! My Story...

I've decided to add a new feature to the blog that tries to prise people's favourites out of them through a series of cleverly worded questions (alright probably not so clever) and hence we'll learn a bit about their story - geddit??. First up is Roberto, up and coming techno star based in the UK, with releases on a variety of labels including Jamie Anderson's Artform Records. His profile is growing larger by the week with artists such as Steve Rachmad and Samuel L Sessions queuing up to remix his tracks and DJ gigs in Fabric, Public Life and during the Amsterdam Dance Event...

Check out his facebook page here which contains all the links to his work:

His Beatport page is here:


A Guilty pleasure...

Sade - Smooth Operator

A great pop track from the 80's. It walks the fine line between quality and cheese but I love it!

A warm up track...

Stephen Brown - Speak

Great dubby/Detroit sounding tune which has a cool jacking groove to get the floor moving. I have just finished a remix of a new track called 'Chopping Board' by Stephen Brown. He is a great producer so I felt honoured to be able to rework one of his tracks.

A peak time track...

Phase - Subtext

Another great track by the super nice London based producer Phase on Token Recs. I am a big supporter of Phase's music and this track does serious damage on the floor.

The no beats track...

Stephen Brown - Stress Free

Another classic Stephen Brown on Music Man recs. The track has some percussion in it, so it is not strictly beat-less, but I think it is truly beautiful track.

[I'll let him get away with this because its a great track!]

Well this is a bit odd track... (something that made you go wtf?)

Area Forty_One - Raindrop Prelude

I love how weird this track is. It is really different from a lot of other techno out there. Area Forty_One is one to watch!

[Not available on Youtube I'm afraid!]

Never leaves the box...
EQD - Equalized 002 A

Great release by Shed on the EDQ series. I love the analogue sounding production in this track. The track is quite simple but works really well on the dancefloor. I remember Luke Slater dropping it in Room 2 at Fabric back in 2009 and it sounded epic!

Candle lit dinner track...

Roy Ayers - Everybody loves the sunshine

I am a big fan of Roy Ayers and this is one of my favourites by him. Perfect for a romantic night in.

Most influenced by...

Mike Dehnert - Dico B1

This track has had a huge influence on my music. I've lost count the number of times I have played it. I love the grainy production, as well as the groove. This never leaves my box!

Most proud of... (if a producer)

Roberto - Logical Progression

I made this track not long after I met Jamie Anderson when we were playing together in Liverpool a few years ago. I sent it to Jamie and he signed it instantly. This paved the way for me working more closely with Jamie and his Artform label. Even though I had been making and releasing tracks before, this track was one that emulated the more deep dubby/detroit sound I was striving to create. This is what I am more well known for now. After the original came out, remixes of the track by three legendary producers Steve Rachmad, Jerome Krom and Jamie Anderson followed, for which I am really proud.

Last track of the night...

Carl Craig - At Les (Christian Smith Remix)

Simply epic! The mixdown is huge and it sounds really warm. I finished my set in Room 2 at Fabric back in December with this, and it sounded fantastic.


Thanks to Roberto for these excellent choices, I'm going to try and make this a weekly thing so you might see myself filling in the topics next week.

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