Monday, 16 January 2012

My Story - Chris Wood

Thought I'd do a bit of shameless self promotion this week and do this feature myself:

Guilty Pleasure...

Talk Talk - Its my life

Back to the '80s with this one, memories of playing Grand Theft Auto on the PS2, singing along to this new music i'd never heard before.  Catchy as anything and it led me to see a different side to the '80s scene apart from classic house, some may say thats not a good thing as these kinds of tracks sometimes make an appearance during drunken moments!

A warm up track...

Black Joy - Untitled

Got this on an unmixed Jazz In The House compilation a long time ago, a fantastic deep cut that is pure house, some may put it into deep but its got enough oooomf to it to be energetic for the floor.

A peak time track...

Scuba - Feel it

This was the trickiest choice for me - how does one define peak time?  And which genre to choose from, most people will go for the faster energetic tracks but peak time could also mean a Stevie Wonder track... Anyway, sounds old but is from 2011, a pounding track and works everytime.

The no beats track...

Lana Del Ray - Video games

This wasn't a hard choice at all, only heard recently and only recently come out it blew me away, the vocals are stunning.  In the video above she actually stumbles over the first line and is clearly nervous but it adds to the charm.

Well this is a bit odd...

Damian Lazarus - Diamond in the dark

Quirky and a bit fun to play in a middle of a house set and see people think wtf???  I actually wanted to find Vildensky - 3 but it wasn't on Youtube!

Never leaves the box

Hot 8 Brass Band - Sexual healing

One of the most interesting covers i've ever heard, managed to get it into every set i've ever played since hearing it as well!  

Most influenced by...

Kaskade - Its you, its me

Now turned to the darkside Kaskade once produced soulful house, this track opened up Defected's In The House cd (blue cover, think it was number 4 in the series), this was the first 'proper' dance cd I bought and I'm so glad I did!

Would have been proud to make...

Marshall Jefferson - Move your body (House music anthem)

Yes its obvious but this is what set it all off - reputed to have been played at half tempo then speeded up Marshall showed everyone it was possible to create a legend with a few instruments, a drum machine and passion.

Last track of the night...

Jamie Woon - In the night air

It probably won't be night when most people walk out of a club but this is a tantilising end to the night walking into crisp air... 

N.B - I could have chosen at least 5 tracks per category!  This was a tricky task!

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