Monday, 4 July 2011

The London divide

I find London interesting and wonder if any other cities are like this? Over the weekend the flow of people changes by age and type... (There are a few exceptions!)

Fridays are young, urban based and alternative, the city pubs filling up early after people finish work, the sun going down on a long day. Home for a short time before heading out again for Fabric, XOYO or Cable.

Saturdays are more grown up, focussed and dedicated, bars opening up at lunch time for those shopping or those starting early, the music bubbling out from doorways from late evening and the fences keeping the crowds contained only being rattled from past midnight.

Sundays are an all day mixture of ebb and flow of people going home, coming out and going home, with the parties dominated by house and techno with a sunshine slant.

This is a common theme for London weekends - the trainers on a Friday, the moccasins on Saturdays and the sandals on a Sunday...

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