Thursday, 3 March 2011

The joys of alcohol...

We are lucky in the UK to have good opening hours of bars and clubs that mean we can get alcohol pretty much  whenever we want over the weekend.

But have we become too reliant on it to have a good night out?  The pre-drinks, the first bars, the drinks in the club, the after party drinks... Nights out now seem to be all about what is consumed and I'm wondering have we become too reliant on it for a good night out?  What set me wondering was a documentary on the Wigan Casino -

One of the things that you'll find out is that alcohol was never served in the Casino, this is a mind blowing thought to people going out now, but its even more mind blowing when you realise that the venue was open from midnight until 8am.  Being honest - how many of us could last that long without a drink on a weekend night when out?  I know i'd struggle!  It may sound strange to us Brits who are lucky but there are places in the USA and Canada that shut at 2am, and even in the larger cities the drinking licences do not extend past that time...

What kept them going in Wigan was discovery - hearing new tracks out loud on a big system, they were there for the music, and only the music.  Coke was the drink of the night, no red bulls!  If you watch the video above you can see that the casino wasn't exactly unpopular even with no alcohol!  People pushing to get in and hear the music

So what if... what if a club opened in London that was purely concentrated on the music and didn't sell alcohol?  Would unique line ups rule over somewhere that sold alcohol?  Alright people would just pre-drink before hand harder to make up for the lack of drink later, but just think, could we ever go back to going out for the music alone?

I am DJing in Leicester this saturday (details on the right hand side of this blog!) and I am planning to drive in and have a sober night.  It will be the first in a while as usually I'm drinking at home before going out, but this time i'll be on the cokes.  I am hoping to 1) have more money in my wallet at the end of the night! 2) Not to have to pay for an expensive taxi home 3) Remember more of the night 4) Hopefully enjoy it more!

So i'll report back on Monday about what it was like after such a long time...  Red Rack'Em on saturday night in Leicester, hope to see some people there!


  1. yes canada only serves liquor til 2am, everywhere. there are afterhours that start at 2 or 3 and stay open til dawn, or sometimes til noon the next day but they do not serve alcohol. and they are full. usually with long line ups. the best thing about the afterparties here (for me) is that all the really drunk people have gone home after the bar so the people that come to the afterhours have come to dance!

    ~kimberly dancingbunny :)

  2. Well sat was an interesting night, it seemed to go a lot slower than when I was drinking previously, my choices while playing were a lot more coherent I think! Still had less fun though because everyone else in the room was on a different level to me...