Thursday, 31 March 2011

Chugging, walking and leaping along...

Been a while since my last post!  This is just one for all those putting on events at all stages, whether you've been doing it for a month or 20 years... Please don't stop...

Its all very well having the music there and the DJs willing to play it but I think the work that goes into being a promoter is not well known at all...

The time, cost, exercise and stress put into putting on events from the small to the very large is something I admire - I especially admire the nights that regularly attract a crowd without going for the huge guests or fancy decor, and its not just close friends turning up everytime.  Having been around for a little while in the midlands (and then away, and back and away again) I'm very pleased to see these smaller nights getting the recognition that they deserve - theres a list at the bottom!  I'm also very pleased to see the residents going from strength to strength and getting to play on the international stage...

Part of it is skill, part of it is luck, part of it is knowing the right people, but all of it is hard work!  Sure being spotted by someone like Sven Vath is a good thing to happen, but it justifies all the work put into what is essentially a hobby before it...  Its kind of similar when the amateur football teams get to the later stages of the cups, and getting to play the championship and premiership teams... You just want to get behind them - thats how I feel with the smaller nights around the country...

Fabric and Ministry of Sound will get on fine without your attendance and money this weekend - why not try a night that you've never been to before?  Not only that, take the time out to talk to the promoter and find out what actually happens behind the scenes...


Just Jack
Love Fever

Some of my favourites :-)  Take a look next time they are on!!

BTW!  Am playing in Leicester - Turkey Cafe, Grandby St from 9pm, come visit...  Then its onto:

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