Monday, 21 March 2011

Annoyances around the music (and probably other genres too)

1)  The question have you ever been to Ibiza when you tell someone you like house or techno - its not the only fricking place abroad that is associated with house...

2)  People having images of 160bpm topless crowds at techno nights

3)  Pushy people on the dancefloor

4)  The DJ being monotonous - rather hear strange tracks mixed together than 12 hours of no variety

5)  The question how do you stay up that late when you tell someone the place you are going to is open until 6/7am

6)  Pick pockets on the dancefloor

7)  Lack of vocals in a set - they aren't gay, you're being annoying for not playing them

8)  Pretentious people on the dancefloor

9)  People saying it was better way back when.... get over it, those times are gone, these are new ones...

10)  People not opening their ears up and giving other genres a try...

I am sure I can add to these when I think of some more!

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