Thursday, 23 May 2013

Inspiring Promoters

Sometimes its not the DJs that make the night, many times its the person who had the wisdom to put them on that night, in that venue , at that time in front of that crowd. That kind of organisation is a skill, something to be admired. Looking at the London events I see the same names over and over again in the DJ world guesting, I'd say hand on heart there are very few brave promoters out there willing to mix the London scene up by involving DJs who may not usually play together. This post is partially inspired by RA's willingness to put Donato Dozzy and Prins Thomas b2b on their own off-Sonar event, and MoMA's recent PS1 announcement of their line ups: This kind of adventurism is inspiring, we all know that dance music comes from the same roots, we all know that in the early days of modern nightlife reggae shared the speakers next to house and disco within minutes, yet nowadays there seems to be very few DJs, let alone promoters that are willing to put people together to share these experiences. So I am calling on someone, a brave someone, to break the ranks and put a night together in London that can cross genres and move people, not techno people, not house people, not rnb or soul people, but people...

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