Saturday, 25 February 2012

Buying and discovering music

Theres no excuse no when it comes to buying music and discovering new music, with so many mediums available to delve into the genres, its clear that music is more accessible than ever, and not only that - ALL music is as accessible.  The days of having to go to a certain club to hear certain tracks only played by a certain DJ are over in all but a few small cases (edits and self productions aside).

I am more than happy to share where I get my music from with whoever asks - be they friends, punters etc, what is the point of holding music back?  Soundcloud for alternative versions through edits, I listen to tracks on Beatport then buy them on Amazon or because they are often half the price.  We're talking about 99p here, not a huge amount.

I believe that if someone truly does like music then they will do their best to make the most of it - finding other tracks by the artists, listening to the recommendations of Youtube in the right hand side panel etc.  But it is clear just from listening to the radio that most people think of music as something in the background - this is true in multiple situations.  Take commercial nightclubs for an example - no-one goes to them wanting to hear the music, they will often play the same music in the same order on consecutive nights - and they can because no-one is listening, they are too busy getting drunk.

As much as I slag off the people and places involved with this non-music I must be grateful it exists - because if the mainstream didn't exist there would be no underground, there would be no rebels against this widespread crap.... So I salute the mainstream for giving us (in a roundabout way) the best music and experiences I can imagine!

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