Saturday, 16 April 2011


The power of London is awesome, after a sample of what London can offer last Sunday afternoon at Fuse down on Brick Lane I am constantly amazed and grateful for what I have on my doorstep...  Fuse opened at 3pm, by 3.10pm there was a queue outside down the street, and this was for a normal afternoon, no special guests.  Only in London would this happen, it would seem odd, out of place in other towns or cities apart from the exceptional parties such as Below...

The sun helps of course, and I'm looking forward to many days out in the capital in the light, it lifts the mood, raises the skirt lengths and brings out the smiles in people...  Field Day, Swedish House Mafia at Alexandria Palace, Fabric, Horse and Groom, Decksavers at Public Life are all lined up, where are you going?

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