Thursday, 24 February 2011

Transitions between DJs...

Heres a question for you, should a headline DJ smoothly mix out of the last track the warm up DJ plays, or should they stop it and 'announce' themselves?

Its a question I pondered early on Sunday morning when Bob Sinclar took over from Dimitri From Paris in MoS at Defected In The House.  Dimitri closed with Prince - I wanna be your lover, a great track and hands went up in the air, sing-a-long itis was induced into many and just general mayhem ensued.  Bob then opened with his version of C&C Music Factory... I wasn't impressed.

I am not sure what made him put that on - arrogance?  did he feel obliged to do it because he IS Bob Sinclar?

The reaction was needless to say a roaring success with many, just a few of us nerdy souls feeling very deflated at what could have been a legendary moment in that room, it was almost as though he threw away his years of knowledge and went for the lowest common denominator.  Yes yes yes I know... satisfying us minority wouldn't have had the same effect, but it would have gotten him respect from me, and that is surely worth more than playing that song one more time! :P

My personal preference to transitions is to let the other DJ's record play out and then start with an melodic intro leading away from the last track - but always being respecting it, and thats what Bob didn't do...


  1. I find the transition to be circumstantial. If it's two DJs who have a complimentary sound (ie. Collette and DJ Heather) andthe room is really getting down to the sound, then why interrupt a good thing? However, most headliners are booked because of their distinctive sound which usually doen't jive with the previous set. Do we expect rock acts to blend into each others sets? Should the Foo Fighters pick their first song of the set based on how well it would go with Jane's Addiction's last song?

    The 2 second break also gives the crowd a chance to thank and to welcome the DJs involved.

  2. Cools points :-) I guess I was talking about the respect sort of issue - playing a commercial tune like that straight after a great underground set... It just doesn't quite sit well with me lol... but then that is a personal opinion of course...